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Lady Astor of Hever is Patron of ADDISS. She has been extremely active in promoting better awareness and understanding of ADHD.

"I became Patron of ADDISS in 2000. I first met Andrea Bilbow at an ADDISS conference, in London in March 1999. I had just diagnosed my daughter (now 20) by chance, through reading a book called 'The ADHD Handbook' by Alison Munden, which read like a direct case history of my child! I later confirmed that diagnosis at the Centre for Social and Communication Disorders in Bromley.

That ADDISS conference was the first time I was with parents who understood what, as a family, we had been through and were still going through, and with professionals who believed in ADHD. Until then, it was always just put down to bad behaviour and bad parenting.

So many people suffer from ADHD and the majority live lives of low self-esteem and underachievement - if not complete failure, confusion and misery. ADHD affects the whole family, marriages, partnerships and work relationships. Much can be done, by early diagnosis, appropriate educational placement, medication, coaching and learning organisational skills, to name a few.

I will do my utmost to raise awareness, acceptance and MUCH-needed funding for ADDISS and for ADHD in general."

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